Monthly Archives: June 2011

10 Miles


I ran ten miles this morning.  That’s right, ten.  T-E-N.  The big 1-0. 

I realize that a lot of people run a lot more miles than that.  But for me, it is a milestone.  A personal goal I have been working toward.  Such a nice round number.  We humans like round numbers, don’t we?

In fact, a round number is what got me started running last year.  It was late winter and I was staring at the calendar.  By the end of spring I would be thirty.  That’s right, thirty.  T-H-I-R-T-Y.  The big 3-0.

Age has never really bothered me before.  In fact, it wasn’t really the age itself that was bugging me then.  I don’t mind telling people my age, if they ask.  (Although they really shouldn’t, I mean, didn’t their parents teach them any manners?)  I’ve never felt compelled to fudge the numbers at all.  To me, it’s merely a mathematical equation.  Today’s date minus your birth date equals your age.  Black and white, no big deal.

But here I was, realizing my twenties were quickly dwindling.  And instead of looking back feeling like I had been in my prime for the past decade, I was feeling slow and squishy.  If that was my prime, was it even more downhill from here?  Yikes!

Don’t get me wrong, some great things happened in my twenties:  got married, did a lot of traveling, had two amazing kids, etc.  But physically, I wasn’t exactly on top of my game.  I had some spurts of exercise and eating well, but never managed to sustain it for more than a few months.  I tend to be a very “all or nothing” kind of person, which is not the most balanced approach to fitness.  And I knew I didn’t want to spend the next ten years in the same hot-and-cold cycle.

So, I decided to try something I had always hated before.  I started running.  Well, sort of.  Mostly a slow, painful jog interspersed with many long segments of walking.  (I loosely followed the “Couch to 5k” program, which I highly recommend for beginners.)  In order to stick with the program, I signed up for my first 5K race.  And the journey began …

More on that later, but for today, I’m going to bask in the glory of my 10 miles.  And take a nap.